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Emery has been spending a significant amount of time vacuuming. He loves it. He cries when I put it away. So I let him vacuum a lot.

The kids were balls of energy yesterday. They were playing with some noise makers (beans and rice in an empty water bottle and spice container) when I realized they weren’t making enough noise. Several beans had been pushed through a small hole in our living room wall. So now I have beans in my wall. Great… Hopefully we move before they sprout.

I decided to give them something new and fun and less destructive to do. I got a box out of our shed and got some paint out and they painted the box. And the floor. And themselves. But that’s washable and expected and why I took their clothes off first.

Myka’s requested dress is coming along! A little more sewing, some straps, some buttons and it will be ready to go. I’m waiting to see if I really screw part of it up…I’ll let you know!

Today was our weekly bus trip to the grocery store and the mall. The bus was almost completely full, but next week it will be crazy because it will be the first trip after payday. I tried to stock up a bit because I’m thinking about not going next week. It’s too crazy with the bus completely full. Plus, I think next weekend we might take a trip to Khobar to shop at Ikea, and we’ll just add a grocery trip in there too. I am continually grateful for the store on our compound. Not only do they help me fill in the gaps when I forget to buy something or the grocery store doesn’t have a certain item, but they deliver too. I had them deliver milk the other night because I was already dressed for bed but I wanted some cereal and was out of milk. Haha!

Our special event of the day was that Stephen came to see us at McDonalds at the mall! It would have been more fun if he could have stayed longer, but he had to hurry back to the office. Myka cried “because I love him”! We’ll try again another day.


One thought on “Everyday life

  1. SO cute. Let’s Emery vacuum! What a hardship that must be on you! :>)

    I love to here how you play with the kids ….giving them paint? Yeah, that is cute.

    Love you guys and miss you all!!

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