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My laptop is dieing.


I was using it this morning, looking at some recipes and deciding what to make today, when it just started going crazy.

Some background on my laptop:
It’s pretty new. Stephen bought it just before he started his job here.

Myka spilled tea on it back in November. The keyboard is a little stiff.

I dropped it off our bed onto the tile floor. The connection between the keyboard and screen doesn’t work well now. A line is often on the screen and it can flicker or affect the use of the touch pad. We try to help the connection by wiggling the hinge areas, and it’s generally effective.

So, it has its issues, but it’s still usable.

Until today. Suddenly, it started doing really weird things. I was texting Stephen the whole time.

Me – the laptop just went wacko [picture of sideways screen] This would be one problem. I don’t even know how you change the screen like that.. It was like someone (a monkey perhaps..) was using it remotely. The calculator kept opening, cap locks would go on and off, numbers were being typed in, the screen changed direction… I restarted it but it’s still screwy. [another picture of sideways screen] :/ I’m so sorry. This is (mostly) my fault.

Stephen – What do you mean “wacko”?

Me – Did you get my other texts after that? It seems to have calmed down now..

Stephen – I hope it feels better soon.

Stephen – Disconnect the wireless.

Me – Ooooooooh my gosh. That was probably it. HAhahahahahahaha

Stephen – tell the kids to stop playing with the computer

Me – I’m so dumb! Hahahahahaha

Stephen – Ha ha ha …

Me – still laughing here.. I thought it had finally come to the end of it’s life.

Then he wanted to put it all on facebook, and I told him if he was a good husband he would let me tell the story if, when, and how I wanted.

A monkey was, indeed, remotely accessing the computer. Usually we have the wireless keyboard and mouse turned off, but we must have forgotten last night. Emery was having a grand ol’ time typing in the living room behind my back while I was focused on the dieing laptop.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086


2 thoughts on “My laptop is dieing.

  1. So so funny. What I love about this is that you actually had good reason to think your laptop was dying. And that you even suggested it “was like” a monkey was accessing your computer.

    Great story. Totally sounds like something that would happen in our house.


  2. You guys are great! I can just imagine it. Emery typing behind your back, you watching your screen as it goes nuts and and trying everything to get it reworking.

    Keep laughing, it does really help! Love you all!

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