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Soft pretzels


Man may not live on bread alone, but I think I could try it.  Based on the amount of baking I’ve been doing in the last week, it looks like I’m trying to do exactly that.  These turned out quite tasty.




This was a relatively easy recipe – not that much more than making bread.  I will note that my dough kept rising throughout the process, and I needed to half the portions to get them thin enough to have the usual pretzel shape. Otherwise they just fluffed up and became a big, soft roll of pretzel.  This isn’t a problem at all, actually, they just didn’t really look like pretzels.  I think I’ll try pretzel rolls or bite sized pieces and see what I think about that.

Yum.  Bread…..


7 thoughts on “Soft pretzels

  1. I nominated you for the liebster award, check it out.

  2. The look fantastic!!!!!! I love bread!!!

  3. J makes soft pretzels pretty regularly and we eat them as a meal. We make them, ahem, savory. I used that word just for you, Kels. Why has it never crossed my mind to dip them in butter and coat them with cinnamon sugar??? WHY WHY WHY? Why did you have to go and reveal this to me as a possibility? My life and my waistline will never be the same. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    Love you.

    • heehee..savory… I have no idea how you could make pretzels and not consider putting cinnamon sugar on them. No idea. But sorry about that. How do you make them savory?

  4. Oh wow! They look sooooo yummy! It is extremely fortunate for my height/weight and body fat numbers that my oven is broken right now! Yikes…. I can SMELL them!!

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