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My sister-in-law writes about community and life in her blog Texas Schmexas (schmexas.wordpress.com). With a new baby girl at home she doesn’t have as much time to write on the blog and has asked several people, including Stephen and me, to contribute. So I started thinking about community and what it means to me.

Here are some of the things that came to mind:
Hospitality, build friendships, share life
Help and be helped
Because I love God, he loves me, I love the people around me
I bake too much and we need to share or we’ll get fat

We live in a compound in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.  There are many nationalities living here in the compound, often language is a barrier, and sometimes cultural differences seriously strain relationships (like loud music at ungodly hours…I’m not friendly when I can’t sleep or you’ve woken my children up).  There are no Christian churches here.  When we have moved before, finding a church was always a first step in building our new community.  But we’re figuring out what building community looks like here.  We focus on inviting people into our home, often for meals.  I send baked goods with Stephen to work.  We are kind and friendly to the workers here on the compound.  We have taught our children to be friendly, smile, and wave.  And we are finding where our boundaries are.

I’m excited to start being more mindful and aware of how community looks in our life here.  And I’m thankful that doing so will keep it as a priority when so often I can let it slip to the background, content to be at home with just our little family.  Plus, I really like baking…

I’ll post links to Schmexas when we write something over there.  Go read some of her past posts!  She is a brilliant thinker and a beautiful writer.


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