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How I Cook

I made a really good dinner last. And I will never make it again.


This is how cooking normally goes for me:

I find a recipe. “Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup. That looks yummy! Do I have the ingredients?”

I stop following the recipe. “Hmm..I don’t have three of the ingredients. How important is using chicken stock instead of water? And I think I’ll just throw it in a pot; I don’t have time for a slow cooker.”

I start just doing random things. “I have no idea how much chicken is in this bag. Oh well. I forget what spices are in this seasoning mix I made. Oh well. In it goes!”

I worry I have just wasted a bunch of food because this could taste awful. “I have no idea what I’m doing! I hope this is edible.”

Finally, it is finished and I taste it and find out how I did. Last night it worked and tasted really good! Other times it doesn’t work out so well. What bugs me is that I can’t make anything twice! I will never made the exact dish I made last night, because I don’t really know what I put in that pot. Haha! So we’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts, and then see what I come up with next time.


Here is the recipe I ‘used’ if you would like to try it: