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Where all my time is going

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I’m learning to play the guitar!  A friend here has a Learn to Play Guitar dvd series, and we get together about once a week and watch a lesson or practice together.  Going through the lessons with someone really motivates me to practice most days. We’ve been learning for a month or two now, and the one downside is that it takes time!  So I’m not cooking, making things, or writing on here as much, which is disappointing for me.  I’m not great at balancing several activities at the same time, so when I add something to my life everything else tends to get lost for a while.  But I’ll figure it out!

Stephen starts a five day break tomorrow! It’s Eid – a celebration at the end of Ramadan. The end of Ramadan also means the end of Stephen not being able to eat or drink at work! I’m know he’s looking forward to that.  During his time off we have plans to go out to the desert one day and to Khobar another day, but mostly we’ll stay home and enjoy being together.  It will be wonderful!


One thought on “Where all my time is going

  1. New hobbies can be really fun. Can’t wait to hear you play, and I’m glad you have someone to practice with. It certainly is more motivating!

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