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Many of the expat families who live here in Saudi Arabia send the mom and kids back to stay with family during at least part of the summer.  They are starting to return, and I’m seeing lots of posts on facebook saying that they are ‘dreading it’ or that they don’t want to go back.  That makes me sad.  I understand and appreciate children being able to run around in the grass, being around trees and gardens, and spending time with extended family.  I miss those things! But I also understand and appreciate that this is where we live right now.  And I choose to like it!  I get to see Stephen everyday.  My kids see a culture they would never see anywhere else.  We get to drive out to the desert and see camels.  This is home for now.  Home is with my family. And I love my home.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. You are a great supportive wife and a great mother! We love you!

  2. Kelsie!
    I’m not sure how I missed that you have a blog, but you better believe I’ll read it now! I’m so curious in your life there and must commend you for your last post. You are thriving because of the choice to be grateful. Way to go! When I have a moment, I’ll read back on your blog. Many blessings!

    • Thanks for reading, Andrea! I love hearing about your life and your family on your blog. Your posts about what you are thankful for encourage me to be grateful. Keep writing!

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