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Lately, there have been two big things going on in our lives over here.  Moving and medical issues.

First: Moving.

In about a week we will move to the newer compound, to our brand new apartment there. I’ve started packing boxes of things we don’t use often.  There are about eight boxes piled in Emery’s room, but he doesn’t mind. I have used the bubble machine to buy myself some time to go pack things. And I may have to use it a couple more times.  I’m not worried though.  It will all get packed, and then we’ll move, and then I’ll get to unpack everything.

The new place is huge.  Three bedrooms, two living areas, an office, wide hallways…. There will be pictures; I promise.  I’m waiting until we move in to share what I think about the place, but I’ll tell you now that the hugeness isn’t a big plus for me.  It’s more to clean, harder to keep children in one place, and feels unnecessary.  First impressions can be misleading, and I’m looking forward to finding ways to make it our own.

Second: Medical issues.

I had an ovarian cyst.  Which is crazy because I’ve never had any medical issues at all.  It was unexpected.  It was large (7cm), so I had to have it removed.  Which meant I had to have surgery.  Yikes. I had my first surgery ever in Saudi Arabia.  It was laproscopic, so just three small incisions.  The surgery was last Sunday, and I’m recovering well with no issues and no complications.  It did slow down the packing, and we changed our move day from last week to next week.  That way I could help move all these boxes around.

Those are the big things. In my next post I’ll tell you all about our experience with the hospital here!



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