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Tuesday evening Myka refused to pick up her toys.  In the past I have put toys that were not picked up in ‘time out’ for a day, and usually the possibility of items going in time out is enough motivation for Myka.  But not this time.  She just sat on the couch. She didn’t care if all the toys went away.  So they did.

In a bit of a fit, because I was quite annoyed with this situation, I put all of the toys in boxes and toted them to my room.  No toys. No books.  No sheets or blankets to play with.  The only things left were the pillows on couch, plus some other pillows we store under the one cupboard, and….that’s it.

I was a little afraid that they would be crazy and clingy and climb up onto the table or counters or something – that this was going to backfire on me.  But they were just fine on Wednesday!  They ran around, played in the curtains, played with the pillows, crawled into the now empty cupboards.  There was lots of laughing, and no one seemed to notice that anything was missing.  Who needs toys?

Today I brought a couple dolls into the living room, and two reusable grocery bags made their way in there at some point but that’s all.  And you know what?! They fought more.  There were now dolls and bags to fight over.  Silly kids.  We haven’t watched a lot of tv.  We’ve colored more.  It’s been a good experience.  Myka did a great job straightening the room before lunch.  I think I’ll add things back in a little at a time, watching that things are being put away instead of scattered all over the place.

So who needs toys?  Apparently ME.  I’m thinking about getting a little kitchen play-set.  They are so cute!  Haha!  And I do think the kids would love it.


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  1. Some very good points. Kids will play with whatever they have…..curtains, empty boxes or just with each other. They will make up games and tell stories when needed. Kids have imaginations if we allow them to use them, eh?

    love you guys and your honest stories!

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