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My oven is leaking.


Have I told you about how our house ‘leaks’?  It’s not really leaking; it’s more like it’s dripping.

It’s Humid here.  We are close to the coast, and if the wind is blowing a certain direction it gets very humid.  During the summer when it’s 115F (45C) outside it is just miserable.  We stay inside and hope all of our air conditioners (which are older than I am) continue to work.

The housing here, like the air conditioners, is old and poorly maintained.  Our roof is not insulated, and condensation gathers on the wiring (yeah…that sounds safe….) and drips from our light fixtures.  There are three lights that drip: one in Myka’s room, one in our room which drips on the end of our bed, and one in our dining area.  The humidity creeps in very vent.  My dryer gets wet inside.  The dampness comes into my washer, dishwasher, and oven too.  Usually I notice that the doors are very drippy and wet and the air inside is very humid and warm.

But today I stepped in a little puddle of water in the kitchen.  I looked around thinking it was from the sink or dishwasher, but it was coming from my oven.  What?  My oven was leaking.  So much condensation had gathered and dripped down the inside of the door that it dripped out and made a puddle.

We move in about a week, and then I won’t have to worry about all this dripping.


2 thoughts on “My oven is leaking.

  1. Oh my goodness Kelsie. That all sounds worrisome. I’m glad you guys are moving, and I hope your new place is better!

    (PS — maybe you can close off the rooms you don’t want to use, then you will have less to clean.)

  2. WOW–I won’t complain about the humidity here any more!

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