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I just ironed for the first time since we moved here. In our previous compound we had a housekeeper who would clean and iron twice a week. I should have asked him for lessons.
Another mom here who is expecting her forth child recently told me she has a lady coming over to clean her place and could send her my way this week. I feel so spoiled having someone come over to do household chores, but it is so lovely.
I will put off something like doing the dishes but not let myself do anything fun (like sewing or reading) because I haven’t done the dishes, so I end up not doing anything at all. Which is silly. Why do I do that?
The house has been mopped twice during our first week here. Too bad the second time was because one of my children peed on the floor. Anyway, it’s notable because I’m not always that proactive about housekeeping. It’s something I’ve worked on for years, and I still struggle daily to keep my counters cleared off.
Having a housekeeper come in two times a week means that at least for a short while twice a week the house is straightened up and clean. It’s freeing. And I know it might not always be an option for us to have a housekeeper. I think I’ll embrace and enjoy it while I can.

Also, I’m writing this post on my iPhone. Our iPad and laptop are both broken and waiting for parts to arrive in order to be fixed. We are apparently gadget/tech junkies, and I miss having a bigger screen!
As soon as the laptop is working I’ll post about our move and continue fixing past photo issues. I’m looking forward to posting pictures for you to see!


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  1. You are cute Kelsie!

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