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While I was in the Pacific Northwest I:

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I’m working on a post about our last month and realized that this needed to be its own post. Here is a list things I did during my exciting, wonderful trip to Washington and Oregon.

While I was in the Pacific Northwest I:
– spent time with my god-parents – best people ever and you wish you had such amazing people in your life because they do things like bring an electric blanket to your hotel room and make it all cozy so when you go to sleep in a bed after traveling for 24 hours it is delightful, warm, and wonderful…I love them!
– renewed my drivers license. Who doesn’t want to go to the DMV while in town?! Actually, both my calls to the department of licensing and my visit there were hassle free and people were very helpful. It was quite painless.
– rented a car. Not so painless. Not only is it expensive, but they asked me questions like what my phone number was. That may seem like a reasonable question, but when you are just arriving from overseas, don’t have a local number, your phone doesn’t work because it’s from Saudi Arabia, and you don’t really have any other options then it is not an easy question.
– bought a SIM card for my phone. Now I have a working phone number in the US.
– had a girls night out just like old times
– had a play date just like old times except I didn’t actually have kids with me…
– drove myself from the Tri-Cities to Portland. Driving was so wonderful! It’s freeing and empowering to be able to go where you want when you want. I deal pretty when with the restrictions here, and don’t actually want to drive with these crazy people, but the ‘no women driving’ rule is just ridiculous. The drivers in Portland were so kind and gracious! They made room to let you into traffic. They drove close to the speed limit and didn’t crowd each other, so traffic continued at a good pace. They waited fairly patiently while stuck behind an accident for FOUR HOURS. They did. They are from Portland. I am from Saudi Arabia right now and honked my horn furiously the whole time. Just kidding. I was a little whiney but didn’t honk my horn even once. It was the evening before my flight home, and I really wished I was in bed!
– shopped and shopped and shopped! I didn’t really buy that many things, but the group of friends I was meeting in Portland were specifically getting together to do some shopping at the outlets there. On the way to the US I put my things in a carry on sized bag and put that inside a larger suitcase. Then I had the whole larger suitcase to put things in for the trip back. I still had lots of room, but I’m happy with what I purchases. I bought clothes for the kids, a couple clothing items for me, a bunch of books for the kids, food coloring, makeup, and fabric. I’m already starting my list of things I’d like to get while I’m home in January. It’s not that you can’t get things here; there are so many stores, malls, things to buy. But they either aren’t the quality I want or I don’t know the brands so I don’t know if they are the quality I want. And there are some things I just can’t find.
– I SLEPT. The best bed I slept in was at my god-parents and that lovely electric blanket was there. It was a sleep number bed and I may have to get one of those someday because that bed was a cocoon of loveliness. I want to live there.
– I wore pants, long sleeves, jackets, shoes that weren’t flip flops, and scarves. I loved it. I took my knee high boots along, but it wasn’t quite cold enough for those. I’m looking forward to wearing them in January in Pennsylvania. I enjoyed the brisk temperatures, the rain, and the mist. It was sunny part of the time and seeing the fields of growing things, things thriving, whether it was cows or grass or trees or crops it was revitalizing. I’ve missed seeing things growing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my dear husband for being so thoughtful, arranging this trip for me, and making me go.


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  1. great recap of the trip, thanks!

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