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well that didn’t last long..



Our felt tree is dieing.  Emery pulled on our felt Christmas tree, and it got all saggy and sad looking.  Myka didn’t mind and has continued to play with it, but today it came off the wall because I didn’t want any thumb tacks ending up on the floor.  It was only on the wall for a short time, but we did get to share the fun with a friend.  It can still be decorated.  It just has to lay on the floor instead of standing upright. Maybe I’ll glue it onto a large piece of cardboard.  We could lean that against a wall.

IMG_3122 IMG_3129

Today we are enjoying Stephen being home!  It’s a two day weekend for him, and that feels like an extravagance.  Those one days weekends, while necessary to maintain sanity, are so incredibly short.  The memories of three day weekends tease me.  We appreciated them, but now we would Adore them!

We flew a kite this morning.  I am loving Saudi winters.  It is beautiful out!  Locals are wearing fluffy coats, but this is t-shirt and jeans (plus abaya…) weather.  So after a trip to the grocery store, we grabbed our kite and drove to a grassy area near a playground to enjoy the breeze.  Eventually we will have to deal with stagnant air, dirty bits of rain, and then the scorching heat will return, but for now the sky is blue, the breeze is just the right temperature, and we can enjoy the outdoors.

IMG_1820 IMG_1823 IMG_1829


2 thoughts on “well that didn’t last long..

  1. Sounds like a great day!

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