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Advent Calendar


I made an advent calendar this year for the kids and I to go through.  I used paper towel tubes, cardboard and packing paper, and home made flour glue.  A little bit too much work, but I wanted to try making my own glue, and the kids Love poking through the paper each day!  I organized little activities through out the month, so we do a craft or read a new book or make cookies each day.  It has been fun!  We haven’t done every craft or made cookies every time our calendar told us to make them, but that’s ok.

IMG_2967 IMG_2974

One of our first activities was to make a festive garland for our arch. Myka did a great job helping me loop and tape construction paper.  Putting things up around the house in addition to having an advent calendar helps us remember what season it is.  It’s easy to forget Christmas is coming.  There are no store displays, snow in the forecast, or sweaters being pulled out of storage.  We are going outside more because it’s cool enough now, so it feels more like spring!  I’m glad I thought ahead and put some reminders in place so we don’t forget what we are really celebrating.



2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar

  1. If you ever feel discouraged, please be remnded you are a wonderful momma!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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