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Back in November we had some crazy weather here in Saudi.  It rained and rained Hard.

IMG_1532 IMG_1530 IMG_1533

Our apartment leaked. Our brand new apartment.

IMG_1547 IMG_1549 IMG_1550

And then it leaked a lot more.


The first time it leaked was during the day.  My downstairs neighbor, who lived directly beneath us, said she had leaks along the wall where the large windows are.  Sure enough we had some small leaks there too. The second time it leaked was in the middle of the night.  The thunder woke Myka up, and she came over to our room.  I told Stephen he should go see how our living room was, thinking there might be more leaking like before.  Nope.  Water was pouring from the recessed lighting.  We got every large bowl, bucket, cooler, and even some litter boxes that were not being used.  I then emptied all of the containers several times.  It was a big mess. I used almost all of our towels cleaning up, and our printer got water inside and is broken.

Here’s a video:

Some low lying areas flooded; drainage just cannot keep up with this kind of extended downpour.  The compound we previously lived in had standing water in the houses.  I am so glad I was only dealing with rain water not standing water mixed with sewage and who-knows-what grossness.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t know how to deal with this kind of rain.

Usually the rain makes things muddier here.  This time, everything was washed clean and then it got very green!  It was an exciting couple of days.


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