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New Friends and a New Year

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January 1st is being overshadowed by our eminent travels.  I haven’t really thought about it being a new year or taken the time to shake off the old and dream about the new.  Once I am in Pennsylvania relaxing with family I’ll sit down to clarify my ideas about how I want this new year to be.  I’ll start by looking ahead and thinking about how I want life to be (or how I want Me to be..) in five or ten years; then I’ll back up and figure out the day-to-day practices and yearly traditions that get us there.

For now I’m packing and thinking about dealing with flights and layovers with my two kids.  I am So Incredibly Thankful for my mom and that she is traveling with us!  As it gets closer and I figure out more ways to deal with the challenges I’m feeling more at ease about the whole thing.  Will I ever be able to travel without it being a ‘learning experience’?

In between bits of packing we are still going outside and playing with friends.  We had a New Years Eve dinner last night with four other families here.  It is so good to have friends here that we can get together with, and all our children played so well together (with a few minor fits thrown in just to keep things interesting).  One family just arrived here a couple weeks ago, and another will be moving back to the US in a month.  It’s interesting forming friendships with all this coming and going.

Here are some pictures from our fun outside today:

IMG_3279 IMG_3280 IMG_3283 IMG_3285 IMG_3287 IMG_3293 IMG_3294 IMG_3297 IMG_1973 IMG_1976



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