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But it’s a good one, really!  I meant to write posts more often with the new year.  I have lots of things to write about and travel stories, but goodness I’ve been tired.

But I have an excuse.

We are going to have another baby! I’m due in September.  So while I was in Pennsylvania it was understandable that all I wanted to do was nap.  I’m a little more awake these days, but there are still naps some afternoons.  Everything is going well.

Stephen’s mom, Bonnie, flew back to Saudi Arabia with us from the states and spent three weeks here.  After my mom being here before our trip, six weeks staying with Stephen’s Dad and step-mom, and then three weeks with Grandma Bonnie, everyone is quite sad to be with out a Grandparent near by.  It was so good for the kids to be close to family, and I enjoyed the company and help.  Especially as I’d prefer to sleep in and take naps most days.

We are getting back into a routine and appreciating time outside while the weather is still nice.  It’s getting hotter! We have gone to the pool a few times and Emery has a serious farmers tan.

IMG_3393 IMG_3403

IMG_3405 IMG_3406



4 thoughts on “excuses…excuses…

  1. Awww Kelsie, we are delighted for you, Stephen, Myka and Emery. So great to have another bouncing blessing on the way! Congratulations!!

  2. Thanks for the pics. And we loved having you guys with us and am really glad we were able to help! Love you guys

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