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and then there were five..


IMG_3390 IMG_2270

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and hopefully we can find out if we are having a girl or a boy!  I can’t believe we are that far along already.  Myka has always been sure that it was a girl.  A friend has predicted a boy. I have no idea.

The hospital I go to for my doctor appointments is about an hour away.  Stephen takes off work to drive me there, and it always takes at least half of the day.  I miss the ease of my little doctor’s office in Washington (and being able to drive myself, of course).  However, I am happy with my doctor and the hospital.

It’s interesting how life affects your decisions.  If I was still in the US I would be considering a mid-wife, home birth, birthing center, etc.  But here my choices are restricted to hospitals and OBs.   The choice of both is based on things like being able to have Stephen with me for the birth, safety and care in the hospital, and being able to understand the doctor.  I never thought these kind of things would be how decided to give birth.  But it’s all part of living somewhere different!

I could go back to the states and have more choices, be around more family, but then Stephen wouldn’t be there and it would be months before we were all together as a family.  I don’t want that.

Stephen is starting to figure out the process of getting the birth certificate, social security number, passport…all those necessary documents.  I remember getting very clear directions when I had Myka and Emery – fill out this form, send it to this place with this amount of money, and you will get what you want.  There is a definite lack of direction and information here.  I’m still hoping I can get a hospital tour before I actually come to have the baby.

Enough about all that!  We have been busy playing in the pool and with friends, going to Bahrain and the beach, and getting a taste of the hot weather to come.

IMG_2439 IMG_2420 IMG_2411 IMG_2408 IMG_2394 IMG_2379 IMG_2352 IMG_2347 IMG_2281 IMG_2329


Grandma came for a visit and got to see our little corner of Saudi!  She even got to wear an abaya, lucky girl! It was Wonderful to have her around.  The kids and parents were both sad to see her go back home.


In March a friend gave me an umbrella because I didn’t have one.  It doesn’t rain much, so it hasn’t really been an issue. The day after I got my new umbrella it rained!  Any guesses were this friend is from?

IMG_2469 IMG_2474

And in winter and spring in Saudi you get flowers! These tiny, yellow flowers were everywhere and added fun color to the view.






2 thoughts on “and then there were five..

  1. great photos, thanks! I love the kids have others to play with! they always look like they are having fun. blessings to you all!

  2. I love hearing about your adventures and of course all the pictures of my loveys! Miss you all soooo much and can’t wait to see you in June!

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