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It’s hot.






That picture of trees against a blue sky is misleading.  The sky is rarely blue here.  Usually it is more of a gray or brown color.  I find the choice of photo in this app annoying.

It is June 1st today! The beginning of Summer!  And I am so glad we are going back to the states for a while this year.  I don’t remember being this uncomfortable last year, and we stayed through the summer months.  Maybe we stayed inside more.  Maybe it wasn’t as hot last year. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant.  Either way, I find I am not enjoying the increasing temperatures.  By 10:00am there is no longer shade to walk in, and it isn’t until about 5:00 that it starts being bearable outside again.  When we go to the pool in the morning, we are usually walking back to the house around 11:00, and it is a hot walk home.

However, we have enjoyed some time out at the pool in the evenings and have cooked out on the grill with friends.  We even tried making some s’mores, but something is wrong with the marshmallows I bought here.  They don’t melt.  They stay chewy on the inside even when the outside has been perfectly toasted by my loving husband.  (I didn’t want to stand that close to the extra heat of the fire!)  I am looking forward to more cookouts in the fall!  And I may have to add marshmallows to my list of things to buy in the US.


5 thoughts on “It’s hot.

  1. I cannot even imagine being too hot to get in a pool!! I am sure you are looking forward to the cooler temps in Scotland and I ASSURE you, I am not! I am sooo enjoying the 80 degree days here! LOL,,, of course, that is not 110! : ( I am counting down the days until I see all my loves in Scotland and then again back in the US!! Love you all so much!! Thanks for your blog, Kelsie and I am sorry you are sooo hot that you have to hibernate.

  2. No way–I bought marshmallows in Texas that didn’t melt either! I wanted to make Rice Krispie treats, and it was an epic fail. To say the least. Or maybe the most. Regardless. I thought you couldn’t mess up Rice Krispie treats, but you can.

    Also, related to this post, when we moved to Texas Jonathan made fun of me because every time we left the house, the first thing I would say is “I hate being hot.” So miserable. And it pales in comparison to your experience. Blech. I feel miserable on your behalf. I have been sweating like crazy with our upper 80-degree weather. Must be the post-pregnancy hormones. Or so I tell myself.

    • I thought the same thing about Rice Krispie treats until I completely messed up melting marshmallows. Who knew? A friend here just made some and her’s were great! No marshmallow issues. I’m glad you had a problem too or I would definitely think it was just me.

      When I came back to Pennsylvania humidity during August, while pregnant, and after living in the dryness of eastern Washington I just about died. I’ll let you know how July in PA feels after this… I’m hoping for Wonderful! Haha!

  3. Hi Kelsie– I am a fellow American expat also living in Jubail! I was looking for other expat bloggers living in Saudi and came across your blog. I’ve had fun reading through several of your posts and look forward to reading more in the future! Btw, I have 3 kids ages 9,6 and 3.

    Have a great day!

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