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the where and why : 2012 – 2015

(Posted August 29, 2012)


Oh my gosh! We’re moving to Saudi Arabia!  What?!

Stephen and I are moving to Saudi Arabia and wanted to start a blog so we can share our experiences with our family and friends.  The company Stephen works for has a project in Al Jubail, SA, and we’re looking forward to living overseas for the first time.  For years our goal has been to travel the world through Stephen’s work while being a part of the communities we live in, experiencing different cultures and ideas.  But I didn’t expect Saudi Arabia to be the first place we lived.  I’m still in shock a little.

We have two children: Myka and Emery.   Myka is two, and Emery is almost one.  It makes me happy that traveling and living overseas will be a part of their lives, a part of who they are.  I get to stay home with them and love that.  Sometimes I don’t Like it, but I do love it.

I like making things, being creative.  I knit, sew, cook, bake, and enjoy having my children be a part of the process.  *Disclaimer – I Do these things, I don’t necessarily do them well…*

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