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We had a painting day today! Everyone except stephen did some art work, and he made lunch so we will let that be his creative contribution.


I didn’t paint these today, but have I shown you the signs I made for under our clocks in the living room? We have three clocks with three different timezones:

IMG_4363.JPG  IMG_4362.JPG  IMG_4364.JPG


Today I painted something for the baby’s room.  The colors seem a little off on my computer, but the background is gray not brownish. It matches the gray blanket I am knitting for her.

IMG_4361.JPG  IMG_4308.JPG


And these are Emery and Myka’s masterpieces!  The paper is about 1×2.5′ so they are pretty big.  Myka’s is “the earth” (the one on the right) and no one (not even Emery) knows what his is. They had a lovely time painting.  We no longer have any red or blue paint. And I had a nice time wiping up the floor when they were done. We moved the coffee table and rolled up the rug to make space on the floor to paint.  Tile cleans up well.

IMG_4366.JPG  IMG_4365.JPG


This is Stephen’s two day weekend. Usually we all go swimming in the morning, but I needed to wash Myka and Emery’s swimming suits.  We will go tomorrow.  It is good to do something different now and then! I did find myself wishing we could drive to a park and fly a kite or something, but it’s still way too hot for that.  I’m still waiting for the first time the ten day forecast has a number below 100F.  Until then, we will stick to the pool and the air conditioning! And we still find lots of fun things to do.





It’s a girl!

Myka was right.  The boys will now be out numbered.  I am so excited to start getting ready for another girl!


Here are some pictures and happenings from April.  First, some randomness:

IMG_2655 IMG_2652 IMG_2650 IMG_2644 IMG_2641 IMG_2621 IMG_2608 IMG_2552


A budding photographer:

IMG_2514 IMG_2516


I made Myka a skirt!



And the last of a set of four plastic cups from Target cracked.  I loved them.  White on the outside, bright and colorful on the inside – it’s the simple things that make me happy.

IMG_2523 IMG_2524


We played outside with friends:

IMG_2554 IMG_2560 IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2571

(Can you see what Emery is looking at?  A digger.  He loves scooping, digging, machines, trucks….)


And we went to Bahrain THREE times!  The packing and unpacking and prepping for each weekend trip was a little crazy, but it was a lot of fun.  Stephen took sailing lessons and the kids and I enjoyed the hotels.  We stayed at three different places; so much fun!  I’m putting together a post about the three hotels we stayed in, and there will be more pictures with that one.



Advent Calendar

I made an advent calendar this year for the kids and I to go through.  I used paper towel tubes, cardboard and packing paper, and home made flour glue.  A little bit too much work, but I wanted to try making my own glue, and the kids Love poking through the paper each day!  I organized little activities through out the month, so we do a craft or read a new book or make cookies each day.  It has been fun!  We haven’t done every craft or made cookies every time our calendar told us to make them, but that’s ok.

IMG_2967 IMG_2974

One of our first activities was to make a festive garland for our arch. Myka did a great job helping me loop and tape construction paper.  Putting things up around the house in addition to having an advent calendar helps us remember what season it is.  It’s easy to forget Christmas is coming.  There are no store displays, snow in the forecast, or sweaters being pulled out of storage.  We are going outside more because it’s cool enough now, so it feels more like spring!  I’m glad I thought ahead and put some reminders in place so we don’t forget what we are really celebrating.



Gingerbread houses

My mom makes these little graham cracker houses with the children who come to her daycare, and I wanted to do with our group of friends here. I wasn’t sure I could get all of the supplies I needed, but thought I would try.    While they don’t have any Christmas items here, I did find other candies that were the right colors.  I had some red and green sprinkles and all the ingredients I needed for the royal icing glue.  The only thing I was missing was Graham Crackers!  I have seen them at our grocery store, but they are rather expensive, so I don’t usually buy them.  Now that I want them, they are no where to be found.  A friend managed to find some one day, but when she went back a couple days later they were all gone!  Thankfully, the one box she had was just enough for the number of houses I needed to make.  Friends who share are pretty terrific. My back up plan was to decorate cookies, but houses are much more fun, so I’m glad that worked out.

There would be seven children at our house to decorate the gingerbread houses and make messes.  The houses are easy to construct, the royal icing glue makes them very sturdy, and the kids loved decorating them.  (Except Emery who just wanted to eat everything.) It was a full house but less stressful than I thought it was going to be.  Everyone played together well, enjoyed the houses, and the mess was easily and quickly cleaned up.

IMG_3090 IMG_3094 IMG_3095

IMG_3107 IMG_3106 IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096


well that didn’t last long..


Our felt tree is dieing.  Emery pulled on our felt Christmas tree, and it got all saggy and sad looking.  Myka didn’t mind and has continued to play with it, but today it came off the wall because I didn’t want any thumb tacks ending up on the floor.  It was only on the wall for a short time, but we did get to share the fun with a friend.  It can still be decorated.  It just has to lay on the floor instead of standing upright. Maybe I’ll glue it onto a large piece of cardboard.  We could lean that against a wall.

IMG_3122 IMG_3129

Today we are enjoying Stephen being home!  It’s a two day weekend for him, and that feels like an extravagance.  Those one days weekends, while necessary to maintain sanity, are so incredibly short.  The memories of three day weekends tease me.  We appreciated them, but now we would Adore them!

We flew a kite this morning.  I am loving Saudi winters.  It is beautiful out!  Locals are wearing fluffy coats, but this is t-shirt and jeans (plus abaya…) weather.  So after a trip to the grocery store, we grabbed our kite and drove to a grassy area near a playground to enjoy the breeze.  Eventually we will have to deal with stagnant air, dirty bits of rain, and then the scorching heat will return, but for now the sky is blue, the breeze is just the right temperature, and we can enjoy the outdoors.

IMG_1820 IMG_1823 IMG_1829



I found more pictures!

IMG_1712 IMG_1714 IMG_1716 IMG_1717

These are the Easter eggs we dyed.  We used purple cabbage, red onions, yellow onions, and beets. (In the picture, from front to back: cabbage, beets, red onion, yellow onion.) I put a piece of white muslin in the dye with the eggs just to see what would happen, and someday I’ll dye some fabric this way. The fabric that was in the cabbage dye looks lavender, but it turned more blue later. It has a iridescent, two-tone look.  I love these colors!  The eggs sat in the dye in the fridge for about four days.  Then Myka helped me shell them and we made deviled eggs.  Then I ate at least six deviled eggs a day, probably more.  I really like them, and they needed to be eaten anyway.



We invited some people over for dinner on March 15th, the Ides of March.  So we jokingly said it was toga party.  Myka and Emery wore togas….for three minutes because they hated them and wanted them off. Now.  I’m not sure if Myka is laughing or crying in this picture. I’m guessing laughing, but I’m sure she was unhappy soon after this picture was taken.

IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1618 IMG_1617 IMG_1620 IMG_1624 IMG_1687  IMG_1669 IMG_1634 IMG_1664 IMG_1656 IMG_1643 IMG_1605 IMG_1603 IMG_1691 IMG_1681

Family time at the pool makes me happy!  Just the short walk there is exciting: Emery wanting to walk, tossing items out of the wagon, Myka excitedly going the wrong direction.  Haha! There was laughter, there were tears, and we love it. That one picture of my feet – that’s about all of me that got in the water. It’s still quite chilly, hence the wrapped up Myka warming herself beside the pool.  Not to worry; I’m sure it will be all too toasty soon.  I’m told the water gets too hot to swim in during the summer.  When that happens I think we’ll all just stay inside.  Can it be called hibernation if it’s summer and hot out?


catching up


Our porch is being screened in.  It will be wonderful to be able to use it more. In this picture the screens are not up yet.  They are a dark green, so it does darken the porch, but not too much.  Now we just need to kill the mosquitoes that are now trapped on our side of the screens. Stephen filled in some holes in the structure of the porch and added a latch to the door.

Because our porch is now enclosed, our two kitties have been delivered!  I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow, but most of the time today they hid behind the shelves that are on the porch.  Myka and I went out, sat on a blanket, and read for a while this afternoon.  Hopefully they will get used to us quickly.

IMG_1538    IMG_1539

Here is the washcloth I knitted.  Isn’t it cute?!  I used a basic cotton, craft yarn.  Also, please notice my bracelet and Myka in the background.  She loves being a princess and dressing up.  And sometimes I get to dress up a little too.  It will be fun to have the sewing machine out and be able to make things for her and with her.  I think she’ll really enjoy that.  First, I need to find a desk for the sewing machine to sit on.  Usually I’d just use the table, but the chairs are too low.  It would be really uncomfortable.  I’m going to ask if they have some desks in storage here that I could look at and maybe a chair as well.

image[2]    image[1]crop

I found these on my phone (among many others…).  Guess who was taking pictures with my phone!  We have a self portrait on the left and a very happy Emery on the right.  The image is blurry, but he is so excited to see his sister!  How cute is that?

image[4]    image[3]    image[5]

We still don’t have a seat for Emery.  These chairs have a large gap between the seat and the chair back, and he could fall right through it.  So this is how we feed him most of the time.  He doesn’t seem to mind very much.  And I love this picture of the three of us!

More catch up posts to come…