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My oven is leaking.

Have I told you about how our house ‘leaks’?  It’s not really leaking; it’s more like it’s dripping.

It’s Humid here.  We are close to the coast, and if the wind is blowing a certain direction it gets very humid.  During the summer when it’s 115F (45C) outside it is just miserable.  We stay inside and hope all of our air conditioners (which are older than I am) continue to work.

The housing here, like the air conditioners, is old and poorly maintained.  Our roof is not insulated, and condensation gathers on the wiring (yeah…that sounds safe….) and drips from our light fixtures.  There are three lights that drip: one in Myka’s room, one in our room which drips on the end of our bed, and one in our dining area.  The humidity creeps in very vent.  My dryer gets wet inside.  The dampness comes into my washer, dishwasher, and oven too.  Usually I notice that the doors are very drippy and wet and the air inside is very humid and warm.

But today I stepped in a little puddle of water in the kitchen.  I looked around thinking it was from the sink or dishwasher, but it was coming from my oven.  What?  My oven was leaking.  So much condensation had gathered and dripped down the inside of the door that it dripped out and made a puddle.

We move in about a week, and then I won’t have to worry about all this dripping.


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Lately, there have been two big things going on in our lives over here.  Moving and medical issues.

First: Moving.

In about a week we will move to the newer compound, to our brand new apartment there. I’ve started packing boxes of things we don’t use often.  There are about eight boxes piled in Emery’s room, but he doesn’t mind. I have used the bubble machine to buy myself some time to go pack things. And I may have to use it a couple more times.  I’m not worried though.  It will all get packed, and then we’ll move, and then I’ll get to unpack everything.

The new place is huge.  Three bedrooms, two living areas, an office, wide hallways…. There will be pictures; I promise.  I’m waiting until we move in to share what I think about the place, but I’ll tell you now that the hugeness isn’t a big plus for me.  It’s more to clean, harder to keep children in one place, and feels unnecessary.  First impressions can be misleading, and I’m looking forward to finding ways to make it our own.

Second: Medical issues.

I had an ovarian cyst.  Which is crazy because I’ve never had any medical issues at all.  It was unexpected.  It was large (7cm), so I had to have it removed.  Which meant I had to have surgery.  Yikes. I had my first surgery ever in Saudi Arabia.  It was laproscopic, so just three small incisions.  The surgery was last Sunday, and I’m recovering well with no issues and no complications.  It did slow down the packing, and we changed our move day from last week to next week.  That way I could help move all these boxes around.

Those are the big things. In my next post I’ll tell you all about our experience with the hospital here!




well, kinda.

I have emptied all our moving boxes!  Now, if only that meant everything was actually put away.  Hahahaha!

But I am making progress, and it’s really nice to have the boxes out of the house.  They are all on our little porch waiting to be turned into a play house.  Yay!  Stephen has big plans for this building project.  I’m excited!

Most of the time I was happy to see the things I was unpacking.  “I’m so glad I packed this fabric” or “Yes! Towels!” for example.  But there are a couple items that make me wonder what I was thinking when I decided to ship it to Saudi Arabia.


This jar of coins for example.  I’m pretty sure the thought process was that it’s been with us forever – it started as a wedding fund jar – but really?!  This was 10 pounds that could have been used for something more useful.


And how much am I going to can?  I guess we’ll see if these come in handy.  They might.

On another topic, we have gone to the little store here in our compound (remember the laban…) and now the store at a neighboring compound too.


These are the items I purchased at the neighboring compound. The big, important item: milk.  REAL MILK.  It tastes just fine. Now I can have cereal!  There’s a good selection between the two stores, and I’m not worried about not being able to pick something up if I need to.


A cat has found us. She has already been adopted and has a home waiting for her, but her new owner is away on leave right now.  We want the cat to stick around, so we’ll have to keep feeding it.

One more tidbit for today:

pull tab

My pepsi has a pull tab. 🙂


moving day

It’s here. They’re here.  Two guys are packing things as I type.  I’m at the boring section of the day, but it started out so stressful.  Someone remind me not to procrastinate next time!  But really it was fine.  When the movers arrived I was taking apart the crib. Myka was already at someone else’s house, so it was just Emery and I.  The craziness was directing the movers, disassembling the crib, Emery crying, and knowing that I still had dishes in the dishwasher all that the same time. After the crib was done, I held Emery, and got the dishes out of the dishwasher everything was much better.  Even if I feel really unorganized, we really did a pretty good job getting everything sorted before today.  I should have taken pictures.

Emery’s room was full of the items we wanted to go to Saudi Arabia.  The front room was where we put everything we wanted to go to storage.  Then in the living room there were more items for both shipping and storage.  I had a list of things to do so I wouldn’t forget them.  Bring the wagon and plastic potty from the backyard to the driveway.  Get the Brita pitcher out of the fridge.  Make sure the gates are packed.  Empty the dishwasher.  Check the laundry.  There were areas in the kitchen which needed cleaned up.  I didn’t want any trash packed.

There were a couple times I would remember something to tell the packers.  “Oh, there is a table and chairs outside that need to go to storage.” “This side of the shelves stays; that side gets packed.”  “The cedar chest is actually full of things that need to be put in boxes.”  But the movers have been so gracious.

Things I should have thought about earlier:

Clean out your fridge.  I have a couple containers in there that I want in Saudi Arabia. Now I have to personally carry them there.

Remember your bath mats. I did.  Just barely

You’ll need to keep a couple towels.  Can’t shower without them.  Well, you could, but that would be unpleasant.

You’ll also need somewhere for your children to sleep.  I’m fine sleeping on the couch, but Myka and Emery need somewhere to nap.  We borrowed a crib mattress for Myka and a pack-n-play for Emery.

Food and a way to cook that food. Paper plants and plastic silverware are just the beginning.  Thinking about eating some simple frozen food? You may need a pan, a serving utensil, hot pads.  Who thinks about this stuff?  You no longer have a microwave or toaster.  Now I have english muffins with no way to toast them.  How disappointing is that?

No car seats mean you will be stuck at home a lot.

I learn so much each time I do this.  Maybe someday I’ll know what I’m doing!

Do you have moving tips?  Fun moving stories? I’d love to hear them!