wherever you go

wherever we will go…

You can learn a lot about someone if you find out what their goals and dreams are.  This is a list of things I want to do, learn, or experience.

Go skydiving
Go on a hot-air balloon ride
Camp in the desert – I didn’t do this while living in the desert. I’m not sure it’s going to happen now..
Fluency in another language? I’m not sure about fluency but maybe conversational in several languages.
Road trip across the US in an RV
Go whale watching
Learn to rock climb
Go on African safari
See the northern lights
Go dog-sledding
Watch a camel race
Ride a camel
Learn to ride horseback
Go horseback camping
Ride an elephant
Travel around Europe
Buy French bread in France
Ride an overnight train (maybe the TransSiberian Railroad)
Go camping in one of those ‘glamour camping’ places. Those tents look amazing. (http://goglamping.net/)
Milk a cow
Cow to cheese (like sheep to shaw.. and maybe goat?)
Complete a Whole 30
Sew an article of clothing I’m really proud of
Read through all of the Bible as a family
What are some of your goals and dreams?  Is there somewhere in Europe we absolutely must visit? Have a cow Kelsie can milk?

2 thoughts on “wherever we will go…

  1. I don’t have a cow, but I could take her to where she could milk one.

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